Smart Boat(IOT Enabled)

Smart Boat offers right-shore solutions leveraging arbitrage and technology to produce a hybrid engagement model that permits intensive efforts to improve liquidation performance while being sensitive to customer experience and regulatory compliance.

We attribute much of our success to the initial collaboration with our clients, our world class leadership team and our commitment to hiring the best and the brightest at every level of the organization. With a focus on customer satisfaction and improving our client's recovery results we have been able to target our training efforts to maximize the skill sets of our associates to meet your needs.

Our strengths include the combination of youth, experience and wisdom. The young minds add to the vibrant energy and creative thinking to our organization. The veterans add invaluable experience through their knowledge and expertise to the team.

Product Features

Location Tracker

The GPS tracking and geo-fencing system is mainly concerned with monitoring the movement of the boat without any deviation and to ensure the security of the boat on both onshore and off-shore. GPS tracking helps to track the location of the vessel.

Geo-tracking defines a specific route from the source to destination for continuous monitoring of the boat and reports any deviation in path to the user. Geo-fencing during anchorage reports any movement in and out of the boat beyond the anchor boundary to prevent theft.

Battery Monitor

Smart Boat battery monitor can monitor up to n batteries in the measurement levels: 0V - 30V. This system can monitor and provide precise information about the energy stored in the battery and also the accurate duration for the battery to drain even in extreme climate. The Ideal operating temperature should be in the range -30oC to 60oC.

Security Monitor

Smart boat security monitor is equipped with the emerging technologies like IoT and AI which makes it viable, reliable and effective in the following scenarios:

  • Scenario-1 : When guard mode is active, hijackers are detected.
  • Scenario-2 : When guard mode is active, and no hijackers were detected.
  • Scenario-3 : When guard mode is inactive.

Smart Fluid Monitor

Smart Water level monitor helps out in monitoring the various fluid/water levels present in different areas of boat including bilge. The system periodically monitors the water level in bilge and sends alert to you and protect your boat from sinking and mould. Monitoring the draining of water through bilge pumps, detects abnormalities in water draining process and send alerts to you through the mobile App. Since boats maintain different kinds of water tanks, water level in the tank is also monitored and alerts are raised when water reaches a minimum/maximum level, through the Mobile App.

THS Monitor

THS monitoring system includes a temperature sensor, smoke sensor and a humidity sensor to monitor the temperature of various critical components such as engine, battery, pumps etc. This system can also detect smoke leakage from kitchen and humidity at the target decorum.

The sensor continuously monitors the temperature in the surrounded space such as engine room or electrical cabinets/gadgets and can detect the smallest change in the temperature.

Whenever the temperature exceeds a specified threshold or rises faster than defined, an alert is generated as a possible indication of fire. The alert is forwarded to you and optionally your home dock/port.

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