Connecting real estate agents and Photo companies

In-keeping with the company’s promise to offer a fast and reliable service, Fotopia booking website helps to streamline scheduling. Clients can self-book a shoot directly from Fotopia website, without having to call or email.
The team discovered Fotopia while researching online calendars for photographers and were drawn to the collaboration tools. We needed an online booking system that would allow Realtors to coordinate easily with Photographers and editors across different locations. It was essential for staff to be able to log in from Anywhere to access booking information. 

Online Appointment

Booking a Photography session made easy and simple

“Our must-haves for online scheduling was the ability to have multiple staff members in various cities. And the ability for our customers to add specific notes to their appointments, such as square footage, on site contact, or specific details about the property,” the Director explains. 
Fotopia’s online Booking Page displays each team member’s availability in real-time. Clients can choose a service and photographer  while scheduling an appointment. Once everything is confirmed, Realtor, the relevant staff member, and the Home Seller each receive automated email confirmations with the booking details.  This automated booking process cuts down the need for back-and-forth communication – internally and with clients.

Why Fotopia?

Fotopia application is the best fit for you.

Book a Photo Company or Photographer for your Photography needs, Seperate In-App chat for each order, Set custom prices for Realtors, View Order and payment reports periodically anf get email Notification for priority activities

Client-side booking

Safe enormous time by letting your clients book themselves whenever the idea hits them.

In-App Chat

Can be as simple as solely allowing messages to be sent between the users, w.r.t order created.

Custom Price for Realtors

Can manually set sale prices on individual products without using discount codes to attract Realtors.

Order and payment Report

Can view the orders and payment history with date filter.

Google Map

Can able to fetch your location easily with the help of google map and can able to create order quickly.


Can able to view and track your orders and appointments efficiently.


Real Estate Photography Redefined.

Find & Book

Discover a best photo company around you that fits your real estate photography needs.

Grow with us

Register as a Photo Company, Show case your products , get lots of photography orders and increase your business revenue.

More Space & More Secure

Get Suitable subscription that fits your storage needs to save your customer photography, share, suggest and collaborate until the order completes.


Realtors can get best price for each product from your favourite Photo company & Photo Company can Grab the best deals from Fotopia on storage space based on the number of orders handled every month.



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